Advantages of PMRSE






The main advantages of application of the PMRSE technology comparing to traditional methods of geophysical survey consist in:

  • High performance (without drilling wells it allows plotting geological sections showing content, bedding depth and thickness of productive horizons; delineating deposit boundary in plan; determining composition, structural attitude and spatial changes of concentration; calculating resources).

  • High resolution (10 cm step down to 200 m and 50 cm step down to 5 km).

  • High time efficiency (significantly reduces duration of a deposit exploration, one PMRSE operator can survey about 8 virtual holes 300 m deep with the step of 1 m and measurements of 4-5 parameters OR 10 000 running meters of soundings in a day; very efficient when urgent decisions about the survey area are needed).

  • Low costs (reduces exploration costs comparing to high-priced drilling).

  • Versatility (applied on land and at sea, afoot and using any means of transport, in any natural and urban settings where application of other geologic and geophysical methods is often complicated).

  • Environmental safety (being non-invasive it has no environmental impact on either geological objects of concern or surrounding environment and can be successfully used in wildlife areas, parks, nature reserves, etc.).