Iuliia Kolaichuk

Business Development Manager

Masterís Degree in foreign languages from Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Work in the PMRSE team since 2000. Search and organization of projects, presentations and negotiations, contractual relations, translation of presentation materials, web-site updating, processing of PMRSE field data during field work.







Dmytro Ivlev

Geologist, PMRSE operator

Specialistís Degree in Mathematics from Simferopol State University, Crimea, Ukraine.

Second Degree in Geology (mineral exploration) from Dnepropetrovsk Mining University.

Since 2000 PMRSE training under the guidance of the author of the technology M.M.Novik. Since 2001 work as the PMRSE operator including hydrogeological and geological engineering surveys in the Crimea, exploration for placer gold in Kirgizia, prospecting for oil and gas in Ukraine and Libia, exploration of polymetals in Ukraine, Russia, Australia, etc.






Oleksandr Lushchyk

Geological engineer, PMRSE operator

Specialistís Degree in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology from the State Mining Academy of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk.

16 years of work at the Crimean Department of the Ukrainian State Geological Institute from Junior to Senior Researcher. Prospecting for placer and vein gold deposits in Africa (Ruanda and Liberia). Micromagnetic survey; vertical electric soundings; gas and geochemical survey methods (mercury, CO2, methane, radium); measurements of the natural pulse electromagnetic fields of the Earth. Over 40 publications on hydrogeology, ecology, geophysics.

Work in the PMRSE team since 2010. Training for the PMRSE operator under the guidance of the qualified PMRSE operator D.Ivlev. Processing, interpretation and analysis of the PMRSE field data.